CoinAlpaca is a Masternode/Proof of stake coin developed for the charity sector. CoinAlpaca will be used to make charitable donations cheap and instant ensuring those charity funds get to those that need it on time. It is also intended for expansion to be used as a means of payment, majorly for the tourism and veterinary sectors in the near future. CoinAlpaca will establish it’s own farm and establish partnerships to drive a wider adoption as well as a expanded use case for the coin.


CoinAlpaca是为慈善界开发的Masternode /证明数字货币。CoinAlpaca将用于廉价和即时的慈善捐款,确保慈善基金准时到达那些需要它的人。它还旨在将扩展用作支付手段,主要用于不久的将来的旅游业和兽医部门。CoinAlpaca将建立自己的农场并建立伙伴关系,以推动更广泛的采用以及扩大数字货币的使用案例。

-货币代号:CALP 币


-货币类型:POS + Masternodes

-总供应量: 111,111,111 CALP

-Preminer:11,111,111 CALP